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District Cross Country Meet Results

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Draper Park Collins Willow 6 9:08 1
Draper Park Richardson Kali 7 9:18 2
Indian Hills Jensen Morgan 7 9:21 3
Draper Park Granger Maryn 6 9:37 4
Indian Hills Gibbs Lydia 6 9:45 5
Albion Cocimiglio Emma 6 9:50 6
Albion Gleason Anna 6 9:53 7
Midvale Webster Caitlin 8 9:58 8
Draper Park Gardenhire Sara 7 10:01 9
Midvale Tan Tammie 8 10:05 10
Butler Olsen Itsy 7 10:06 11
Eastmont Taylor Paige 8 10:10 12
Midvale Slama-Canton Amelia 8 10:18 13
Eastmont Seamons Christie 8 10:20 14
Albion Paigelish Lucy 7 10:21 15
Butler Davis Emma 6 10:22 16
Butler King Casey 6 10:33.02 17
Draper Park Jensen Aubrey 8 10:33.56 18
Mount Jordan Hyer Julia 7 10:35 19
Mount Jordan Thayne Maya 8 10:36 20
Butler Cluff Heather 8 10:39.03 21
Mount Jordan Corona Alesyn 6 10:39.50 22
Draper Park Singleton Jaden 8 10:39.97 23
Indian Hills Randall Lea 7 10:40 24
Butler Barlage Brayden 7 10:42 25
Indian Hills Erickson Emily 6 10:44 26
Mount Jordan Hicken Hannah 6 10:45 27
Butler Brandt Bailey 8 10:54 28
Draper Park Kimball McKayla 8 11:11 29
Albion Stromberg Brooklyn 7 11:12 30
Indian Hills Smith Sydni 7 11:13 31
Butler Marler Kate 7 11:16.46 32
Draper Park Bell Madison 6 11:16.91 33
Albion Kelly Katie 6 11:17 34
Butler Willard Sicilly 6 11:18 35
Midvale Small Oakley 8 11:20 36
Indian Hills Wood Jessica 8 11:29 37
Mount Jordan Hicken Hailey 7 11:33 38
Draper Park Paulsen Grace 7 11:45 39
Albion Weaver Kathryn 8 11:46 40
Midvale Soto Desiray 7 11:53 41
Indian Hills McDermott Calli 6 11:54 42
Albion Irigayen Sofia 8 12:02 43
Butler Chase Sydnee 8 12:29 44
Eastmont Scott Kaylee 6 12:42 45
Union Jeffery Angie 6 12:43 46
Indian Hills Hawkins Elise 8 12:44 47
Union Lance Brooke 6 12:45 48
Mount Jordan Beard Kyra 7 12:46 49
Indian Hills Drebing AJ 8 12:52 50
Midvale Small Aspen 6 12:56 51
Eastmont Jarrard Sarah 6 12:57 52
Midvale Velez Maya 7 13:40 53
Eastmont Widenmann Julia 7 13:49 54
Midvale Samora Aspen 6 13:52 55
Midvale Casasola Jocelyn 7 13:54 56
Mount Jordan Sparacino Sofia 8 14:21 57
Eastmont White Madi 7 14:31 58
Union Hooley Ambrie 8 14:47 59
Mount Jordan Anderson Ciara 8 15:03 60
Albion Baker Brooke 8 15:46 61
Eastmont Elsworth Nicole 6 16:43 62
Mount Jordan Mcafee Olivia 6 17:23 63

Sage Testing

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SAGE Results Coming Oct. 20: What Families Can Expect

In spring 2014, the State Board of Education required all Utah Students, beginning in the third grade, to take new state tests. The tests, called SAGE (Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence), were designed to measure more challenging state standards in mathematics, English language arts, and science. They are completely different from the CRTs. Therefore, SAGE and CRT results cannot be compared.

Statewide SAGE results will be released Monday, Oct. 20, 2014. These will include results for every school district and every school in the state.

At this point, the Utah State Office of Education is reporting that fewer than half of the Utah students tested are expected to score as proficient in English language arts, mathematics and science http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/mobile3/58310430-219/results-standards-percent-students.html.csp.

As always, we will prepare individual student reports to share with you in conferences later in the school year.  In the meantime, parents are urged to keep a few things in mind when interpreting these scores:

-          SAGE scores cannot be compared to the CRTs. The tests are different, and measure different standards, or expectations, for student achievement.

-          SAGE tests measure whether students are meeting the state’s higher expectations for college- and career-readiness.

-          When tests that measure higher standards are first introduced, test scores typically appear lower than what parents might be used to, the state reports. However, in many cases, the state reports that test scores gradually improve in the years thereafter http://schools.utah.gov/board/Meetings/Agenda/docs/Tab7.aspx.

SAGE results will influence state school accountability reports. The State Office of Education has indicated that most Utah schools will receive D or F grades as a result of these more challenging standards. The State Board of Education will continue to discuss estimated results with members of the Utah Legislature. School grades are expected to be released to the public in December.

At this point, as is always the case with test scores, we recommend parents focus on a child’s individual achievement, celebrate successes, and set individual goals as appropriate for your child’s success.


More information and resources about the SAGE can be found at www.canyonsdistrict.org/sage

Living LuAnne's Legacy - New Fund and Awards

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On May 22, 2014, Eastmont Middle School students, staff, and volunteers carried out the annual LuAnne Gustafson Cleanup.  This yearly event is named after a past president of Eastmont who was of great service to our school community.  While at Eastmont, she greatly strengthened our students and school community, including starting the tradition of the annual school musical.  She was a person of great personal warmth, who cared about others and served tirelessly.  She was killed in a car accident in 2009.  

This year, 5 years after her death, the school reflected on LuAnne's legacy of Caring, Service, Community, and the Arts.   Besides continuing the annual Cleanup tradition, this year some special awards were given to students in her honor.   The first annual "'Spirit of LuAnne' Service Awards"  were awarded the last week of the school year to 8th graders Matt Larson and McKenna Rogers, who throughout their time at Eastmont exemplified those traits of Caring, Service, Community, and the Arts that LuAnne stood for.

Also in commemoration of LuAnne's passing, this year the PTSA made a special gift to the school, in the amount of $3500.  Called the LuAnne Gustafson Arts in Education Memorial Fund, this fund was donated to the school, who will be taking leadership of the musical next year (whereas the PTSA had done so previously.)   The donated money is  enough to pay in full for the musical next year, plus to assist with other arts-related expenses.  The money came from profits for this year's  "Seussical Jr." and prior PTSA-sponsored musicals.   It will be the first time in Eastmont's history that money to pay for the musical is available from the beginning of the school year.  

The donation is to be used "in perpetuity, replenishing the fund at the end of each year from ticket sales and other arts-related income.  To be used exclusively, year by year, to fund future Eastmont musicals, and other programs involving Eastmong students in the arts.  To be used for materials directly related to student involvement in the arts, such as costumes, props, sets, musical instruments, technical equipment, art supplies, and other resources needed to carry on the tradition of great student achievement in the arts at Eastmont."  (See pdf for more information on the Memorial Fund.) 

One life can touch many lives for good.  LuAnne's Legacy lives on - in service, in the arts, in caring, and in our school community.  It is great Patriots like LuAnne that have made Eastmont such a welcoming and happy environment - hopefully for many years to come. 

PTSA Leaders Elected for 2014-2015

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At the PTSA Meeting held on Monday, April 7, the following individuals were elected as the Executive Board for Eastmont's PTSA in 2014-2015. Congratulations to these fine leaders, and thank you for your willingness to serve in our school next year!
  • President:  Sara Anderson
  • Secretary: Dina Hinrichson
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Boyd
  • Legislative VP: Joanne Andrus
  • Community Involvement VP: Von Christensen