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Parent Teacher Conference

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Our Principal, Stacy Kurtzhals was featured on Channel 2 News with tips for parents about Parent Teacher Conferences.  PTC will be held after school on February 3rd and 4th at Eastmont Middle School.

Book Fair & Candy Grams

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The Eastmont PTSA will be holding a "Harry Potter" Book Fair February 2nd during school hours, and Feb 3rd & 4th from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm in the library at Eastmont.

Also, the annual PTSA Candy Grams will be sold during this time for .25 each, students can send candy with a message to their friends, teachers, and classmates. Candy Grams will be delivered to classrooms Feb. 13th during 4th period classes.

January Patriot of the Month Assembly

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Reading is the only thing you can do for FUN that will make you successful in every facet of your life! What fascinates you? ..Write about that! What doesn't bore you? ..Read that! - Shannon Hale was our guest speaker at January's Patriot of the Month assembly! She tied in science, brain activity & development, & inspired us to read: it was amazing! Congratulations to our POM winners this month and congrats to Eastmont on our lexicon improvement (SRI scores) keep reading!!

Battle of the Pages

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Battle of the pages begins!  For every 20 pages you read you get a ticket to enter the weekly drawing. The team winner gets a trophy!  This term it is a Stars vs. Stripes team competition.  Click here for more information (and like us on facebook)!  It is a battle, team Stars has a total of 101,955 pages and team Stripes has read 102,600 pages!  Keep reading!!

First Term

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Our first term successes:
First term enrollment 864 students.

69 students made the Red, White and Blue club. These students had perfect attendance.

293 students get to attend the no tardy party.

481 students made the honor roll with a 3.5 GPA or higher.

Way to go Patriots!

Brown Bag Book Club

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Over 46 people checked out the book "Stargirl" for our November Brown Bag Book Club.  We had a pizza party for our Brown Bag Book Club in the library today thanks in part to Little Ceasers (4 pizzas) and Smiths (water).  Each month we will read a book, then discuss the book the first Monday of each month.  Our book for December was "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens and we discussed the book and various movie versions of the book on Jaunary 5, 2015 in the library with pizza again from Little Ceasers and oreos from Reams.  This month's book is "Dealing with Dragons" by Patricia Wrede. The book club will meet during lunch next Monday to discuss this book.